All-over — $50

Touch-up — $45

Partial foil — $60

Full foil — $75

Toner / Extra Color — $20


Hair cut — $20

Updo — $50

Makeup — $30

Bridal / Prom Package — $75

Add-on Haircut — $15


My top 5 products I cant live without.

  • VOLUME SYSTEM — The best for fine and flat hair. It took about 2-3 weeks to see hug results in my hair. Like most change, it doesn’t happen over night. But it truly has been the best for trying to get volume from my hair.

  • EFFORTLESS STYLE SYSTEM — I started using the smoothing shampoo & conditioner 2 months ago. I don’t use it every wash but I throw it in a rotation with the volume system. I love how soft it makes my hair feel without making it hard to hold my style.

  • REJUVENIQUE OIL — This has been a lifesaver for my skin. Ha I know, you were probably expecting me to say my hair. But I actually use this oil on my face every morning and night paired with my moisturizer. My skin is the clearest it’s ever been, in addition to not being dried out at all from the harsh winter cold.

  • THE CHAMP Dry shampoo — OK. So this is a game changer for your hair and daily routine. If you don’t use dry shampoo and take the time to wash and style your hair daily, then you are doing life wrong! I promise. I use this stuff daily. Even if I have clean hair because I like to add a little texture.

  • HEAT PROTECTANT — This product is the newest addition to my favorites. But that’s because Monat worked hard to master this product. This protectant is unlike any Iv’e ever used. (And Iv’e used a lot.) This light weight protectant minimizes hair from getting damaged under extreme heat. So, if you use a hot tool on your hair every day or even every other, you need to be using this product.