Wait Loss

I know what you're probably all thinking... Why did I misspell "weight". And you wanna know why? Because thats what you have to do in achieving your weight loss goal. You have to WAIT!! 

So many people, including myself, expect semi overnight transformations. And honestly that's just 100% unrealistic. 1. Nothing happens overnight. 2. You didn't gain the weight over night, so why do you expect to lose it that quickly?

I think the reason why we expect change so quickly is because we live in a world of high demand. We want what we want and we want it when we want it, which is usually instantaneous from the moment it POPPED into our head. But that is not the case for losing weight. It's a process. 

Believe me! So last fall (2016) I started college as a full time student as a 23 year old. Talk about a shock!! I was not used to all the paper writing and homework. I was also not used to working 25+ hours a week while taking 16 credit hours. That might not seem like a lot to some people... But remember I was 23 and hadn't been in school for 5 years! So, it was A LOT to me. During this time in my life I had a best friend and that best friend's name was Caffeine. Caffeine that came in the form of a Latte. (i.e. Sugar & Milk)  So as I was drinking away, my best friend was finding ways to never leave. (Hence the 15 pound weight gain.) 

At the time, I thought nothing of all my latte drinking! I had drank a latte a day for almost 2 years. My motto being: "A latte a day, keeps my sleepiness away." But this time was very different. I was 23 and my METABOLISM JUST STOPPED WORKING!!!! Well so it seemed. In addition to all the lattés I also had an addiction to McDonald's french fries. Moral of the story - you can't eat your troubles away. By the end of my first full year of college I was up to 150 lbs. YES! I can't believe I said that either... I'm sure some of you are thinking, "I'd die to weigh 150 pounds again." or "Why is this chick on here complaining about a measly 150 pounds?" But to me it's MORE than just the number. (It's the number too though. Since I am 5'1". 150 isn't healthy for me.) It's also about the fact that I wasn't happy.  

I wasn't happy that my clothes didn't fit anymore. I wasn't happy that my skin was as broken out as it was in high school. I wasn't happy that I didn't feel good about myself. I wasn't happy that I stopped caring about what clothes I was wearing because ALL I could think about was what was under the clothes. I wasn't happy that I didn't look the way the people on Instagram looked. I wasn't happy with myself. 

To me weight loss is a mental and emotional battle just as much as it is physical. And because I wasn't happy with myself it directly effected my mental and emotional battle against my weight loss. For some that might empower them or give them the reason to start fighting. But for me it was just ammunition for me to never even try. I saw it already as a losing battle. 

After months of making up excuses, I decided I had finally had enough. On July 24th I decided to change my lifestyle.  I don't necessarily want to call it a diet. Because I didn't really stop eating foods. The only thing I have done is monitor what and how much food and drink I eat during the day. I make sure to log each and every calorie. To make it easier for myself, I used the myfitnesspal app. It became soo easy! Within 32 days I had lost 10 lbs. Although I still have 5 more to go, my whole view has changed about myself. I'm happy. I feel good about my body and how I look. No I don't think I'm "perfect". But through this lifestyle change I wasn't striving for perfection. I was striving for happiness with who I am.  In addition to being happy, I feel so much healthier. I am getting so many less headaches and stomach cramps. I hardly ever feel bloated or carry an excess of water weight. I don't over eat and have more energy. My face has even cleared up.

It's been over 50 days. Over 50 days of fighting for change. It didn't happen over night at all and it was the furthest thing from easy. But it has been so rewarding. When you've worked so hard to see change and you finally see it, It makes every no to second helpings, every no to the creamy, chocolatey latte, and every no to that 3rd or 4th breadstick totally worth it. Why risk long lasting happiness for a temporary counterfeit of it? 

To those who aren't happy with what they see in the mirror: Just know you CAN do this. Take it one day at a time and don't give up. Even if you don't see results right away. Just keep going. Stay strong and consistent and you will see change. Also, don't forget about the emotional and mental fight. If you keep putting yourself down because you ate that extra piece of cake or because you didn't lose the extra pound you wanted to, YOU HAVE TO STOP. You can't discourage yourself. You have to empower yourself to keep going and to keep on fighting even if the waiting seems endless.

Love who you are and who God made you. We are not cookie cutter people. 




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