Thanks | Giving

Thanksgiving is one of my favorite times of year. Family. Food. Friends. You just can't go wrong with those three things. Thanksgiving has always been a day that's filled with good memories. 

The past couple years Thanksgiving hasn't been the way it was growing up. It's been long days working retail and the first holiday season without my grandfather. I was so focused on the ways it was going to be different that I forgot to celebrate it for what it is. A day to be thankful for the things I have. 

Thanksgiving is a day for much more than that though. It's more than your family, and friends. It's more than sweet memories of sitting around a table (or even 6 tables) eating and laughing with your family. It's more than just a time of reflection about all the good things in your life.

It's also about giving. I think we tend to forget the second part of today. I was always taught that Thanksgiving was a day to GIVE THANKS. But I really do think it's so much more than that. 

We should put just as much emphasis on giving as we do on being thankful for the things we have in our life. 

I have lived a privileged life. There isn't anything I can do to change that. But because of that I have taken a lot for granted. It makes it hard for me to be truly thankful for all I have because it's just all I know. That is why I believe it's so important to give.

By giving you get the opportunity to see others where they're at. You get out of your little bubble and see that there are other people out there besides you and that life isn't all that great for everyone. People are hurting and are in need. And by giving of yourself or your time, you bring joy to others. 

That is what today is about. Reflection and Action. So I challenge you this holiday season to not only reflect on all your thankful for but actively give to those around you. 

It can be as simple as cleaning up the table after your Thanksgiving Dinner to feeding those in need. 

I hope you all have a great Thanksgiving filled with love.


Alyssa CloudComment