Yes! You read that right. I am RELAUNCHING and REBRANDING! And I am beyond excited of all the goodness that it to come. I launched this space as ACloudofStyle.com September of 2017. It was a lifestyle blog that focused on pretty much everything from fashion, food, coffee, beauty and really just anything that came across my mind that I wanted to share.

But I just wasn’t finding fulfillment in that any more. Honestly I don’t know if I ever did. To fully explain why I decided to relaunch and rebrand, I need to go back to the beginning.

In 2015, I posted my first ever blog post. I shared a part of my story for the first time. It was to a blogspot blog, Speechless Until Now. Sharing my story or having a voice was clearly not something that I felt I had. My first post was one that I have now shared here, My BeYOUtiful Story. I then every once in a while would post about other things I was going through, from breakups to self-confidence.

In 2017, I launched a passion project, Real Women Moments. It was a place that I could share my story, but also a platform for others to share their story. Its main focus was to tell other people’s stories and I worked with helping to write and edit for those women. But still something was missing.

I wanted to share more of my story.

That is when I launched ACloudofStyle.com in September of 2017. I shared a little about life experiences and those posts would do really well. But as I looked around me, those who were succeeding in making blogging a full-time job were fashion, beauty and lifestyle bloggers. I thought I needed to change. I made the focus my current favorite fashions and my favorite places to eat or get coffee around Indy. I enjoyed it for the most part, but I found it really hard to keep coming up with content and it’s because it wasn’t something I was passionate about.

As the chapter ended on Real Women Moments and started on ACloudofStyle I was searching for my voice. It wasn’t until the beginning of 2019 that I decided to use my platform as a place to share more of my story. With each post I opened up and shared more of things that I was dealing with on a daily basis. And those were the posts that people read. Not my fashion tips or lifestyle posts. People actually cared to read about what I was going through in my life. It could be because they are nosey, but I think it’s because I am not alone in my life experiences. I think so many other women are going through or have gone through some of the same things and they find comfort and community in knowing they aren’t alone.

I decided to relaunch/rebrand my website as The Real Talk Diary. My desire is to help women love themselves just as they are without the shame of their past or the pressure to be perfect. These are all things that I have struggled with and still struggle with everyday and hope to share my journey to help others.

Sharing my story is what I had started doing, but kept putting it off because let’s be honest, being vulnerable isn’t easy. But I believe it’s been what God has wanted me to do this whole time. Sharing my story is my purpose. No matter how long it’s taken me to get here, I am finally here. Ready to share my story.

So here’s to this new journey and adventure! I am soo excited for what’s to come.

xo, Alyssa