New Launch : Dear Little Sister


I have some news for y’all! I have been working on a project with my sister the past couple months and I am excited to finally be able to share this project with you.

But first, let me give you a little back story….

So, it all began in May was I was rebranding ACloudofStyle to what it is today, The Real Talk Diary. As I was sharing my heart with her on this project, I asked her if she had a dream, or passion project. I listened as she shared with me her dream.

As someone who is always planning and setting goals for “what’s next” I couldn’t stop thinking about how I could help make her dream happen. Well, 3 months and several coffee dates later here we are. My sisters dreams are happening!

Drum roll please…

Dear Little Sister has officially launched on The Real Talk Diary!

I now want to introduce you to my sister, the writer and dreamer behind “Dear Little Sister”, Abby Cloud.

I am so excited for this launch. But before I share with you my heart, let me share with you a little about myself. I am a twenty-year-old college student at IUPUI working to become a registered nurse.  I am Alyssa’s younger sister (by 6 years) and while we are different, we have come together over our passion for women. 

I have really felt God tugging at my heart to reach out to girls my age as well as those younger than me.  I am a younger sister so having an older sister to look up to and get advice from was a huge benefit to me as I grew up.  There were also older girls in my youth group who took the time to pour into my life and that really helped me grow.  

My hope in writing these letters is to help girls who need advice. To be the big sister that they don’t have. To be the older girl to pour into their lives.  These letters will help to guide/direct girls through a godly perspective on different topics that they may face growing up in this dark world.  

Dear Little Sister is for you if you are struggling in your friendships, feel pressure to look a certain way, find yourself comparing yourself to others, feel lost in defining your faith as yours.

I don’t pretend to have all the answers, but I promise to pour my heart into these letters and saturate them with scripture and prayer.  I can’t wait to see where this chapter takes me. You can check out my first letter — Dear Little Sister, Choose Your Friends Carefully.

LOVE, Abby