Life Update

My last final of sophomore year was completed last week, and my grades are officially posted. Summer 2018 is OFFICIALLY underway. & I couldn't be any more excited. 


With that being said, I thought it was time to do a little life update. I am so excited for summer for multiple reasons. One being, I just am so ready for a break from classes all day. Second, Mikey will be home for most of the summer  & we have so many fun things planned. And lastly, also what I am most excited to tell you, I have a SUMMER INTERNSHIP!

At the beginning of June, I will start my internship with Snappening here in Indianapolis. Snappening is an online company that specializes in planning weddings and events and is based here in Indy. In addition to helping plan weddings and events, their online site helps you, the consumer, find exactly what you're looking for when planning your own event. 

My internship is Media focused -- specifically in Photography, Social Media, and Digital Marketing. 

So what that means for me is I will be working on designing project boards and photographing for different campaigns. These images are designed to be used for social media. I will also be working on drafting content for the specific social media campaigns. 


Truth be told, I had NO INTEREST in getting an internship this summer. I had been feeling overwhelmed and confused with my classes the past year and wasn't exactly sure what my end goal was as a Journalism (Photojournalism) major and English minor.

What I did know was that I love writing and being able to share and connect with people. I also love social media. Being able to combine both into a career is my dream job. But I didn't know how my Journalism classes at school were fitting into that passion. 

In the last month of this spring semester, my friend told me about this internship with Snappening. She thought it would be perfect for me. After checking out their website and reading through the internships descriptions, I realized that she was so right. So I decided to give it a go. If I got it great, if I didn't then oh well. (Since it wasn't apart of my plan anyway.)

I sent my application in, and while I was waiting to hear back I started to realize something. I begin to really want this internship.  I had read all through the website and I felt that being a part of this company was something I had to do. It was exactly what I needed to build confidence and experience in what I wanted for my career. 

It was finals week that I heard back from them and they wanted to set up a phone interview. I was nervous. I started to second guess myself and thought I wasn't good enough or experienced to do an internship like this. I interviewed with the company's CEO and by the end of the 45 minute interview I was even more excited about this company. Despite my nerves, the interview went great and I was offered the internship. 

I am so glad to say that I finally feel peace and excitement about my career for the first time in almost a year. I know this is exactly where God wants me to be.

In the hustle of life, I lost sight of that. I think it's very easy to do. Which is why I think it's so important for me to listen and lose control. I am a planner and I love my control. If I'm going on a vacation or a day trip, I will literally have the trip planned out hour by hour. It's not because I gotta have things my way, it's because I like to MAXIMIZE my life. 

And there is nothing wrong with that. I want to live my best life. But because of that desire in my life not feeling "full", I began to feel like something is wrong and get discouraged. Which is exactly what happened in my journalism classes and with my career path. I wasn't seeing it fitting into my passions -- it just wasn't making me feel "full". 

That was because I was pouring coffee instead of water. Ha let me explain.

In life we want that instant gratification. We want to see that what we are doing is going to benefit us, and we want to see it NOW. Like coffee, we want that instant boost of life. We want to feel it and see it within 30 minutes. But a lot of things in life are best with time and consistency. We have to allow ourselves the time to gain experience and maturity. Like water, it's what is best for our life but it takes time to detox the bad toxens (habbits) out. 

Although coffee is amazing, we can't live without water.

My take-away: 

In life, our path may look long and winding or never-ending, but you can't lose sight of the end goal. And if you don't quite know what that end goal even is, then you gotta listen and loosen up some of your control. Because if you keep your blinders up, you may miss out an seeing what's better for you. 


I hope you enjoyed my little life update and growth update. I look forward to sharing more from this journey in the months to come.