LIFE UPDATE : My Summer Internship

My summer internship has officially ended, and with it I was able to grow both personally and creatively. I am so excited to share all that I have been doing this summer during my Photography Internship @ Snappening. 

For those who don't know, Snappening is an online company who's goal is to be "the most comprehensive and complete listing service and database tool for all special events and private functions." In other words, if you're planning a wedding, throwing a party, or even having a business dinner, Snappening is what you need to help you! 

During this 10-week internship, my job as the Photography Intern was to design and create content specifically for Snappening's Instagram.  



The internship was broken up into 5 shoots: Brand, Fall, Winter, Spring and Summer. For each shoot I had to create an "inspo board" of what the desired outcome would be. I then had to first make a full list of what props I would need, budget how much that would cast, and lastly, the hard part, make my visions a reality. 

For each shoot I worked with a local photographer, Emily Lemke. Being able to work with her was one of the best parts of this internship. She not only was there to give advice and help with shoot setups, but she also helped me better navigate Lightroom & Photoshop. 


Brand Shoot

The brand shoot was the first and easily the most difficult. I hadn't done many shoots before this shoot. It was a process figuring out the best lighting and what settings were best for my camera. We started each shoot at 8:00 am and had until 9:45. So, I only had a little less than 2 hours. I think I spent the first hour adjusting the set, the lighting, and settings on my camera. I definitely had a lot to learn. But I was able to get a couple decent images from that shoot. Thankfully Emily was there to help and assist. I honestly don't know what I would've done without here. But we worked through the issues together and I ended this shoot with a much better understanding of all that goes into getting a good image. 


Fall Shoot

The next shoot was the fall shoot. I decided that since we spent a lot of time on the previous shoot figuring out its logistics, we would try to reshoot some of the "brand images". We tried to not spend too much time on that so we could still get the fall images. Although I had one shoot under my belt, I still had some struggles during this shoot. The struggles were more of an artistic nature than in the fundamentals. I had a design plan for the shoot, but what I learned is that not everything looks the same in your mind as it does through your lens. There was a lot of brainstorming and trying to come up with something that would work. Overall it wasn't my most fruitful shoot with images. But I think it taught me a lot about thinking creatively and just trying something. It's easy to get caught up in sticking to the plan, but in this case I needed to branch out and think outside of the box.  


Winter Shoot

During the winter, shoot I was not only right in the middle of my internship, but I was also at the height of it. I had already learned so much from the previous shoots, both fundamentally and creatively, that this shoot had no where to go but up! And that's what it did. It was so good! Some of my favorite images were from this shoot. The natural lighting finally seemed to be working in our favor. I came to the shoots each week with a shoot design plan, but as I learned from the fall shoot it doesn't always work according to plan. But now creatively, Emily and I were working well together and bouncing ideas off one another. This shoot was exactly what I needed to give me confidence in what I was doing. I was finally seeing improvement in my work. 


Spring Shoot

The spring shoot just got even better. I LOVED this shoot. I feel like all the images came out so well. Creatively, I feel like this was my strongest shoot. The bright colors and flowers photographed so well against the white and blue background. During this week Emily and I decided to get together and work on the editing because I had some questions about Lightroom and Photoshop during the first couple weeks. This was, by far, the biggest area of growth this week. I learned so much from her showing me different editing tools, how they worked, and also her working along side of me as I edited. There are so many little tips and tricks that you can't just learn on your own. Working with her was a huge thing for my growth as a photographer and creator. 


Summer Shoot

The final shoot was the summer shoot. This ended up being a little different than the previous shoots. I worked with Emily, like usual, but I also had a shoot on my own. My shoot with Emily went fairly smooth. It was a little difficult on the creative side to think of sets or flat lays that were different than work I had already done, but we still got some solid images. During my shoot, I was shooting in a different location so I had to re-adjust the settings I had been used to using indoors with medium natural light for an outdoor location with a lot of natural light. It took several test shots and my mom holding a poster board over top of the set to block the direct sun to get an ideal lighting. I think the images came out really well. I loved being able to test for myself what I had learned throughout the whole internship.

Real Talk:

Overall the past 10-weeks have been a great learning experience. I not only learned about photography and editing, but also about creating content and working with a brand/company. This growth is very important from a career and business standpoint. But I also learned so much about myself. For most of the internship I was working with just myself so I had to be very proactive and disciplined in my work. I am used to managing my own time and balancing my day-to-day life. This includes: working as a barista, working as a hairstylist, being a full time student, spending time with my family, having a relationship, and working on creating content for my blog. But it wasn't the same as working on this internship. For most of the things I balance, I am my own boss or it's on me if I don't make time for it. But for the internship I did have to report to the company's supervisor and CEO, Crystal Grave. It was a challenge I hadn't really had before, so it was a big learning experience for me. 

I think the biggest area of growth though was gaining confidence in myself and my work. In past jobs or even present ones, I get reassurance of my work from others. But for this internship I had to find that reassurance in myself. I had to be confident in the work I had done. All I could do was spend the time planning and executing each week's work. I did my best, and I had to be confident in that fact. Each week I grew in different ways and looking back at where I started and where I am now, I see how much better and stronger I am. I am very excited to see what's next for me and how I can use what I learned this summer, creatively and personally, going into the future. 

Now to enjoy summer for the 1 week I have left!