INDY : Coffee Shop Guide

True story: I was recently talking with one of my friends about how much I would LOVE to do a coffee tour! You know, like they do for wine or other types of alcohol, but for coffee! That would be a DREAM VACATION! (Anyone interested, hit me up.)  

But for real, I am a coffee lover and a firm believer that the aesthetic also matters... There is nothing like sipping on a latte in the coolest. place. ever. It may be a millennial thing. But I work better and more effectively in place that is cohesive and well put together. 

So, I put together a list of my FAVORITE coffee shops in Indy. These places NOT only serve some amazing coffee, but have the best aesthetics. You’ll want to spend all day there... I promise.  


1101 E 16th St. Indianapolis, IN 46202


Butterscotch Latte

Provider is one of the newest coffee shops, and possibly my favorite, here in Indy. It's a companion store to Coat Check Coffee Co. which is also really great. But you'll just love Provider as soon as you walk in the door! They're specialty latte's are so good. They in addition to pastries and coffee, serve long drinks and food items. I have yet to try any, but if they are anything like their latte's they will be delicious. Another great thing about Provider are their hours! They stay open until 10-11 every night. 



335 W 9th St, Indianapolis, IN 46202


Latte // Hot Chocolate

Quills Coffee is actually a Louisville local coffee shop that has expanded here in Indy. But I had to include it because it's just soo good! From their regular lattes to chocolate, you can't go wrong. They also have the one of the best cappuccino's in Indy. They come in the 6 oz. size and are perfect! (Not pictured because I drink it too quickly.) Quills, located in the lobby of 9 on Canal, is also a really great place to get work done. They have rooms that you can actually use for group studying too!


Hubbard & Cravens

4930 N Pennsylvania St, Indianapolis, IN 46205


Carmilla Latte

Hubbard & Cravens is one of the first local coffee shops I went to and will always have be a special place to me. I know that sounds silly, but it opened my mind to the specialty and craft behind coffee. I always get their Carmilla Latte, both hot and iced. Their 49th/Penn location is my usually location for getting work done, but their downtown location is perfect for on-the-go! 



534 Virginia Ave, Indianapolis, IN 46203



Although Milktooth is not just a coffee shop, I enjoyed the coffee the most! (I’m not saying I don’t love their food, just love the coffee more.) It’s located in the fountain square neighborhood out of a small building that looks like a renovated garage. It’s so cool in there, I promise! 



2102 E Washington Street Indianapolis IN 46201


Vanilla Latte

Neidhammer is also a newer coffee shop. It’s located off towards the historic Irvington area. As soon as I walked in, I fell in love with it's aesthetic. It's brick walls and concrete tablea are so cool. They also have some of the best crepes I’ve had! They also offer great work spaces for study groups, bible studies, or business meetings!

I hope you enjoy this list of faves. If you guys have a favorite place that's not listed, let me know!! I love trying out new coffee shops. Also, let me know what your favorite drinks are!

Stay caffeinated my friends.