A Millennial Friend.

We live in a world that revolves around technology. Where we meet potential husbands/wives online through multiple different dating sites & apps. We apply for jobs and our careers through online software and websites that bring jobs across the country to our fingertips. We shop for anything we could possible want through multiple pictures on a stores website and on how many good reviews it got. All this is great!  I mean, why wouldn't it be? 

But as we burry our faces into our phones, tablets and computers we are letting human interactions pass us by. For those extreme introverts that gives you relief, but for others this is what is taking us away from meeting people face to face and making a connection. As millennials we are known for our love and submergence in technology. We post pictures or videos of almost everything we do. We blog about our feelings or our passions. We create funny images or video clips. Everything we do is with phone in hand. 


I am so guilty of this! I am constantly on my phone looking at images, getting inspiration and reading other people's blogs. NONE of that is bad. But I think that all comes into play of why I think it's hard for Millennials to make new friends.

Our 20's & 30's are filled with some of the biggest changes that a person will go through. They are your college years, dating years, hopefully (if it's your plan) you will get married and have children, you start your careers and move away from your childhood. Through this process or time in our life, we have friends and relationships that come and go. Whether that's because of distance or because we just aren't going through the same things anymore, it happens. There isn't anything that we can do about it. And the older I get, I watch more relationships just come and go. 

It's hard to find friends later in life that are the real deal. Yeah I got friends from work, the ones I laugh with when a customer is being ridiculous, or the ones I complain about our job with. But I'm talking REAL FRIENDS. The ones I can call no matter the time and talk to, the ones that go brunchin' or out for coffee together at least once a week, and the ones who will talk endless amount of pictures until you capture the perfect one for you Instagram aesthetic. A friend who supports you 100% and never passes judgement on you. 

Is that too much to ask for at 24?


Although I wish there was a clear solution to my problem, there just isn't. If you're like me then you probably live a busy life. One that's filled with college, family, a boyfriend, and 2 part time jobs. With that it doesn't leave much time for friends, let alone making new ones. But I have come to the conclusion that something's gotta give. Friends are important. They give you a support system, a family that's not there by obligation, and an outlet to be yourself. 

So if you find yourself where I am, put yourself out there. Message that girl on Instagram or Facebook that you just LOVE her content. You might think that's odd but if people can meet their husband or wives on social media; who's to say we can't make friends the same way? Go up to that you woman you see all the time at the grocery story. All it takes is a "HI". 

Reach out and make connections happen. It's not going to be as easy as it was when you were 13. But that's okay. Nothing worth having comes easy. 

I believe every girl and woman NEEDS friends. If you say you don't, you're lying to yourself. If you say "you just don't get along with girls", you're just making excuses. We were created to want fellowship with others. It's in our nature. So embrace it. It's as easy as asking her out for some coffee. Because what girl says no to a latte? 


ps. you can always start with me. xo