I cannot believe December is already over! Anyone else in shock?! It’s one of my favorite times of year for SO many reasons, mainly though because I love the fashion at this time of year — the layers, the coziness, the glam.

My top 5 favorite outfits of December are probably my absolute FAVE! Definitely went out with a BANG! I have always been obsessed with fashion. Picking out outfits has never been something I struggled with, but finding my personal style is a different story. At least, until this year. I truly think 2018 has been the year to find my style.

Everyday Look


This is literally my everyday look. Black denim, sweater, healed booties & this coat that I have been obsessed with. I love the over-sized look of it, and the color literally goes with EVERYTHING. I looked everywhere, online and in store, and this Shein one is the best in price and quality.

Cozy Vibes


I am also clearly obsessed with this pair of jeans! I think they are almost in every picture. They are from Target’s Wild Fable line. The fit and distressing was just perfect. They were a little long for me (I’m 5’1” though, so all pants are too long) but they came with a distressed hem so I just cut them off at the perfect length. This scarf is also a must have! It’s from Walmart for only $12.

Boss Babe


This outfit was born from my Pinterest dreams! I had been looking all over the place for a plaid skirt, which I found several but most were just way too short. Anyone else have that problem? I’m not tall at all so I wouldn’t think finding a skirt that came down past mid-thigh would be difficult. But I did found this gem on the clearance rack at Macy’s for only $7! It was exactly what I was looking for.

Night Out


What can I say about this outfit? It’s probably a little extra to some of you, but that’s my style. These red pumps are from Payless, they are from their Christian Siriano line. Which I didn’t even know existed, but they are so cute! I found them on DEEP sale at $7. YES! I wish I could share the link with you but I couldn’t find these specific ones. They have some other really cute ones though, so check them out! Also, how can you say no to a faux fur coat?! I found this one gently used for only $5!

Casually Cute


It’s these jeans again! I told you they are just sooo good! Also, another take on this jacket. But I really loved about this outfit was how comfy, yet cute it was. These tennis shoes are such a classic. I bought them a couple years ago before Reebok’s were back on trend, thankfully they have clean up very nicely! I just throw them in the washer and they come out almost as good as new!

After years of spending ALL my money on clothes, shoes and accessories I’ve come up with a couple rules that I think everyone should shop by.

  1. You should almost never pay full price for anything! Obviously there are exemptions to this rule, but in most cases you can find whatever you are looking for on sale. And if you can’t find it on sale then…

  2. Don’t be afraid to shop gently used items! I’ve had friends who say, “I will never buy something that was worn before.” And I think that’s just ridiculous. There are so many people out there who wear or use a bag for only a couple times and decide to get rid of it. Take advantage of this ladies!

  3. I go by the “It’s cute.” and “YES!” system when purchasing an item. So many things are cute and if I bought everything I thought was cute, I would be broke and have a closet full of things I don’t really wear. But if it’s YES!! then I know I will wear it over and over again. Then, even if it was maybe just a little pricey, it’s worth it!

Finding my look this year has been one of the best things for my personal growth. I know that sounds a bit crazy. But for me my style and fashion is and has always been a part of who I am since I was a little girl. It has given me confidence in myself and has been a big passion of mine. So feeling lost in that the past couple of years has caused a lot of pain and sadness.

I am so thankful to start 2019 with this added confidence. I could say so much more on this topic, but I will save it for another day, another post.

Love you, shop smart babes and stay true to you!

xo, Alyssa.