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Finding my brand and my niche has been something that I have been struggling with the past couple months. I love fashion, food, coffee, beauty, and lifestyle, but that’s really too much to focus on to be great. So here are some questions that they shared that really will help you narrow down your focus. Take some time and answer these questions.

What value do you add?

What impression do you leave your readers or viewers with?

What problem do you solve?

What makes you stand out?

What is my voice?

When having an effective brand or business, there are 3 key elements that you must know.

  1. The problem you are solving.

  2. Your solution for this problem.

  3. How you will monetize this business.

“Your brand will change and develop over time.“

What is your brand? I made an idea web to help define my ideas.

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How to find your niche?

— Listen to what community and audience wants and engages with in your content.

Once you find that niche or whatever you find that your brand is stick to it!


First and for most, BE A HUMAN. People are buying into YOU not whatever you are actually selling.

A common misconception is that you need to be on all the different platforms, but you don’t. Be where your followers and audience are. Focus on those channels and take time to create engaging content. Don’t just post to post. Post with intent and provide value.


Prioritize video. Use IGTV and Stories. 70% of web traffic is video. You need to STOP watching and START doing.

“Growing through your feed. Serving through your stories.”

HASHTAGS — Use them. Research what’s trending. Choose hashtags in your niche (50,000 or less). Use local hashtags. KEEP your hashtags relevant. (i.e. if it’s a beauty post don’t use #ootd or #coffeetime)

POSTING —Three tips.

  1. Give direction by using Call to Actions. If you are wanting people to engage tell them how to. (ie. “How’s your day?” “What’s your favorite thing to do for fun?”)

  2. Don’t post and ghost. As soon as you get done posting don’t just close the app and be done with it.

  3. Engage on other’s accounts. Social media is a place to create a community and relationships. Don’t be so self consumed by never commenting and liking on other’s content.

ENGAGEMENT PODS — or like pods, follow pods, whatever you want to call it. Don’t do it. Be authentic. Engagement should be natural and you should be engaging with others who are in your niche.

Don’t auto post from other apps, like Planoly. Post natively on Instagram.


Social media is always changing. Stay actively reading up on what’s new. Check out TechCrunch.


“Be confident of who you are. There is only one you and only you can tell your story.”

Goals are so important. Goals should shape you and inspire you NOT shame you. You should have 4 types of goals.

  1. Business — Should be a certain financial goal.

  2. Personal — Think growth or something internal that pushes you to improve.

  3. Habit — Something that should become apart of your daily routine.

  4. Skills — We should be learning new skills.

Leverage YOUR strengths. Do one thing really well. You can’t do it all. And that’s totally okay. Don’t know what your strengths are or what that one thing you should do is? Ask yourself.

Where is your heart?

Where is the money? (Because you’re in this as a business.)

What brings the most value?

What’s your passion?

Community is key.  So, find that audience and create authentic and intentional relationships.

Now, Who is your audience? Create your dream reader. What is he/she like? What is their age? Their interests?

I created this as a visual to who I see my audience being. I’m all about the visuals and mood boards so I got creative but you definitely don’t have to.  


My audience is:

Any woman who is a lover of fashion, coffee and food in pursuit to finding their self, loving them self and seeing them self for the amazing person they are.

“Retrain your brain to see yourself the way you should, NOT what you’ve convinced yourself is the truth.”

We did an exercise with Erinn that was really interesting. Honestly I was kinda skeptical at first, but it ended up being really good. We closed our eyes and imagined ourselves now and followed ourselves to meet our future self. We imaged what our lives would be like and what our future self would say to our present self. It helped see a clearer picture about where you want to go in life. When it’s hard to know what to do you should look to your future self to guide you. 


SELF CARE — If you aren’t taking care of yourself, you can’t be your best self.

This is my favorite quote from the whole conference.

“As you are, you are enough.”

It’s so easy to get caught up in the comparison game and think you aren’t good enough, your experiences aren’t enough, or what you have to say isn’t enough. But that couldn’t be anymore wrong. You are enough. God created you perfectly and that is perfectly enough.

RELATIONSHIP CARE — Your business should not keep you from your relationships.

It’s not about choosing between one or the other. In relationships you must communicate with them, you have to share your hopes and dreams with them. Understanding one another is so important in relationships and they can’t understand what your goals are if you aren’t sharing this journey with them.

Just like you invest time and effort into your business, you must invest time and effort into your relationships.

It’s about creating a balance that all can exist together. You gotta take time for YOURSELF, for YOUR BUSINESS, and YOUR RELATIONSHIP.

My final thoughts

This conference was truly amazing. I got so much from it. (As you can see from all the notes I took.) I met some amazing local women. It was definitely inspiring to see so many other women in business who are just killing it. Community is everything in this business and I was so excited to take a step out there and be apart of the community here in Indy. If you ever have an opportunity to get out there, DO IT. even if it scares. I was terrified and I almost didn’t go. I would have regretted it soo much. Push yourselves out of your comfort zone. Push yourself to be who you want to be. Push yourself to be the best version of you that you can be.

xo, Alyssa

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