25 for 25

I am officially a quarter century old! And I am definitely feeling it... OLD that is! But in honor of all 25 years lived I wanted to share with ya'll 25 facts that you may or may not know. As you will see some are goofy and some are more serious. But all are what make me, ME!

  1. I’m afraid of windmills! Seriously every time I head up to Chicago I literally panic when I pass them. I just imagine them flying off the hinges and destroying EVERYTHING! ha I also know how irrational this fear is, but I can't help it!
  2. I cheered all growing up. From 4th grade until I graduated high school. Cheer for sure has some of my best memories. I was ALL ABOUT it. I literally practiced my jumps and moves at home constantly. I definitely annoyed my family with all the booms from landing and clapping!
  3. I loved cheer SO MUCH, that I coached it for 3 years after graduating. (Once a Charger, always a Charger.)
  4. I got my first job at 20 years old working at Wendys. And I still love the food! (p.s. it truly is always fresh, never frozen.) 
  5. After high school, I didn't go to a four year college. I went to Cosmetology school and 1500 hours later I became a licensed cosmetologist! My favorite thing to do are bridal/prom updos!
  6. When I started cosmetology school (2012-2013) I became obsessed with coloring my hair. I (no joke) colored it every 4-6 weeks for the past 4+ years! I was obsessed with changing it up.  But this September will mark 1 full year of NO COLOR! Whoop-whoop! 
  7. I have a tattoo that acts as a reminder to me everyday that true beauty is being true to yourself. I got it back in 2014 and kept it a secret for a whole year and a half from my parents! 
  8. Growing up I fell in love with kids and I have a heart for adoption. I really hope that one day I will be able to give a child a home and lots of love. (At least 1 child, but I fully believe that “the more the merrier.” 
  9. Throwin' it back here with this one.... I had my first kiss at 16. It was terrible. Ha but aren't all first kisses?
  10. Although I may seem like a girly-girl, I have a tomboy side as well. In the 4th grade I begged my grandparents to get me these black leather & suede Shaq tennis shoes from K-mart. I literally wore them ALL THE TIME. 
  11. I can’t go a day without coffee! (I get a serious headache.) My current favorite is a double shot on ice with a little white mocha. 
  12. My favorite color is black. But in kindergarten is was brown. Needless to say I am a BIG FAN of neutrals. 
  13. I am a recovering shopaholic! Working at Macy's for two years was a serious problem for me. I was buy something every day... So I had to quit to not be around the temptation. But still (so far) Macy's was my favorite job. 
  14. Growing up I wanted to be a singer & even wrote my own songs for years! I still have the notebooks and scrap paper filled with them.
  15. I hate public speaking. Always found my words through writing. When I have to give a speech I end up crying the majority of the time.
  16. My current dream is to publish a book one day & am currently in the process of writing it. 
  17. My favorite food is anything pasta. I could have spaghetti multiple times a week. 
  18. Just moved out of my parents house last October, and I LOVE living on my own! It's been my greatest growing experience. 
  19. I am a Journalism student at Indiana University - Purdue University of Indianapolis and will be graduating in 2020. (Halfway done!)
  20. I am in love with my best friend. We actually met years ago at church camp, but we didn't get super close then. We were able to re-meet each other years later and became so close! We ended up working in downtown Indy right next door and the rest was (as they say) History! 
  21. I have some of the most ridiculous stories when it comes to me passing out. But probably the most ridiculous was when I was a Junior in high school and was messing with my newly pierced earrings. I started panicking that the hole would close up if I didn't get the earring back in. Well before I knew it I was laying on the floor in the science lab and continued to pass out as I was being drug down the hall to the office. To top it off, some one called 911 and they wanted to take me out on the stretcher. 
  22.  At age 20 I decided to have plastic surgery because I was born with a defect effecting my left pectoral muscle. This was the biggest decision I had made up until that point. I knew that the surgery would change things for me, but I had no idea what the next couple years would bring. You can read more of my story here.  This was the biggest molder in my life and although, I wouldn’t wish it on anyone, I’m so glad I got to experience it. Otherwise, I wouldn’t be who I am today.
  23. I am naturally a VERY private person, but I know putting myself out there and showing my vulnerabilities will help others. 
  24. I launched my blog only 9/10 months ago! I cant believe it will be 1 year this fall. Time really does fly!
  25. Lastly, my goal for this next year is to push harder and really grow my blog and content that I put out! I'm so excited to see what this year will bring. 

Hope you enjoyed getting to know me a little bit! Now I want to know more about you. Comment a fun fact below!


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