What is it A Life of Growth?

A Life of Growth is an online resource designed to empower millennial women to pursue a life of growth through self-awareness, community and Christ. 

Who is it for?

A Life of Growth is online space specifically for millennial women—but ALL women are welcome from: teenagers, college students, boss babes, moms, career women and grandmothers — to be encouraged, loved, and empowered to grow in their relationship with themselves, others & Christ. 

My Story

Over the past couple years, I have been on this continuous journey of growth through becoming more aware of the person I am, healing the wounds I had been neglecting for years, taking action to grow and make amends with myself and others and reflecting on who I have become in this process. And the cycle of growth begins again. Creating this growth mindset and living this life of growth has not been easy, but becoming the woman I am today has been the best journey of my life.

Creating a growth mindset hasn’t just changed the way I think, it’s changed my life.